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My Happily Ever After After



I struggled with body image issues my entire life and I always rationalized that I was big-boned. I thought, "I come from a long line of Irish-hipped women. I don't have a chance of being one of those skinny girls." After all, I'd been the same weight since the 7th grade. I wore a size 8/10, floated somewhere between 150-160 lbs, and was never comfortable in my clothes or with my body. The mirror became my enemy and the image that it reflected never fit who I felt like on the inside.

I began the lean and healthy program about a year after the birth of my daughter. Thanks to Shaklee 180, I was able to shed ALL of the weight I gained while pregnant PLUS 30 lbs! That's a total of 54 LBS! WHAT! I now wear a 2/4, feel healthier at nearly 40 than I have my ENTIRE LIFE and am loving the confidence that comes with my new shape. AND I'm really rocking the skinny jeans!

Feel free to contact me with any questions either through this site or my Facebook Page